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Modern leadership and the art of having good conversations


Facet5 introduces a new report: Facet5 SuperSkills. Conversations are based upon a specific set of skills and mindsets, each of which can be developed. We help people to engage in more effective conversations in the workplace. Facet5 SuperSkills is our

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Facet5 in Talent Quarterly


The July issue of the Talent Quarterly is all about teams. Michiel Castelijns and Tanja Vlug wrote an article about the selection of startup teams, using the Facet5 personality questionnaire. Startups fail for a variety of reasons, but more than

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Facet5GPS - Coach in your pocket!


Facet5 has a new (free) feature for Facet5 users: facet5gps.com. Every person that completed Facet5 and received a full, Foundation or Spotlight report, can receive a link to his or her Facet5gps web page, to be accessed on both

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Innovative testing with Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire


ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) is a measure of an individual’s practical work-based problem solving skills. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment. It is the combination of

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