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Here you will find documents to help you design and facilitate a TeamScape workshop. You will find background material about teams and the translation of the Facet5 factors into the work cycle of teamwork, but also examples of workshop programs for a half or full day workshop, or even a team workshop of two full days. There is a so-called ‘participants guide’ that you can share. Furthermore, there is the One Page Team Plan format and some background material on the Thomas Killmann model for conflict resolution.

TeamScape doc 1 t/m 6 ( 1.1Mb)
One page team plan NL and ENG ( 44Kb)
Thomas-Kilmann model ( 286Kb)

Blanc Facet5 ‘wheels’ and a more elaborate document to facilitate the Self Perception exercise.
Blanco wiel/wheel ( 939Kb)
Facet5 NL factoren ( 1.1Mb)
Self Perception Exercise ( 107Kb)

This is a useful document to get the hang of the ‘Core Quadrants’ model.
Empowerment through core qualities ( 1.2Mb)

Facet5 families
Facet5 NL en ENG families ( 969Kb)

A beautiful brochure and PowerPoint presentation on Facet5, its conception, the worldwide Facet5 network, the contents, the different report formats and the ways in which you can deploy Facet5 throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle.
Facet5 information pack ( 1.5Mb)
Facet5 presentation ( 6.1Mb)

Sample reports of the full Facet5 report, the TeamScape report and the Spotlight report.
Sample reports (div) – NL and ENG versions ( 2.1Mb)

The Facet5 user manual, with information about the development of Facet5, the factors and subfactors, the families, the statistical analyses and scientific foundations.
Facet5 Usermanual ( 5.3Mb)

And, finally, you will find here a workbook ‘How to read my Facet5 report’. Of course, there is a strong preference for providing face-to-face feedback in a debrief session. When necessary, when you don’t have enough time for a full debrief session, you can send this workbook to the participant, either as a preparation or after discussing the Facet5 report.
Workbook (NL and ENG) ( 11.8Mb)

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