about us

We support organizations to be successful in their markets by developing individual employees, teams and leaders. Organizational growth can only happen when people grow. We do that together with other professionals in our network, hence our name: Humancollective.

Teamwork, leadership development, diversity & inclusion and organizational change are all subjects within our sweet spot. We create new concepts, develop practical solutions and organize projects to support our clients to get more out of their people and business. With more fun and results, worldwide. We are a partner in the international Facet5 network, active in over 40 countries.

Our solutions and products


We believe that every organisation and every person is unique, as are the changes that are needed.There is very little chance that a standard programme will provide you with the best solution. That’s why we deliver tailor-made solutions.

Tailor-made projects, (training) programmes and workshops. Making sure their impact is always high, they’re fun, and show results. Packed with cool insights about the human brain and about learning and behavioural change. Only by doing you can really learn new behaviour. A path only becomes beaten when you actually take it... Only if you understand how things really work, you will be able to elicit change. Yourself included.

This is how we work:
We put things into perspective and add humour
Investigating possibilities; finding out how we can make it work
Respect for all perspectives
Genuine; no masks
Actual results
People can do more than they think; growth mindset and learning agility
You’ll start learning when things get exciting
Let the elephant in the room have a say
Start at the other person’s point of departure
Use of proven tools, based on the latest psychological insights

our people

What drives us? Well, probably the same as what drives your organisation. Our people.

Michiel Castelijns

Weet alles van Facet5 en vertelt daar graag over. Achtergrond in  psychologie en bedrijfskunde en meer dan twintig jaar internationale  ervaring als organisatieadviseur. Draaft soms nogal door, heeft overal  ideeën over. Wordt blij van alles wat nieuw is, bedenker van nieuwe  concepten.  Houdt van het werken met teams en startups en geeft les in  zijn vrije tijd. Prutst in het weekend aan een oude Citroën.

Tanja Vlug

Petra van Tol

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