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3. Cognitive or intellectual capability tests

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3.01. What is the relationship between educational level and intelligence?
A score on an intelligence test is often expressed in a comparison to a level of education, but a score sometimes deviates from the actual level of education of a participant. An HBO diploma is therefore no guarantee for brainpower at HBO level.

3.02. What does a low score mean on a cognitive test?
This means that a participant will often need more time than average to analyze a complex question and will meet his or her limitations in an earlier stage.

3.03. When is the use of a cognitive test a good idea?
Especially for young people with relatively little work experience, a cognitive test is a good predictor of work success. This kind of test can also be used for positions where the analysis of complex information is important.

3.04. Can you practice for an intellectual capability test?
Yes. Especially for people who have never done such a test, practice can be meaningful. Exercise does not increase the score, but it does reduce the unfamiliarity with a test.