Development of Future Skills

‘Only dead fish go with the flow’

Where are we, as humans, indispensable in the world of digitization, AI and robotization? You’ve guessed it! There where real value creation is dependent on human interaction. Interaction, based on empathy, emotion, adaptability, critical thinking and cooperation, is essential to achieve your goals. Human-2-human. The continuously changing world requires continuous learning. Learning agility and working towards a growth mindset is key.

Whether it is about (sales) conversations with clients, influencing stakeholders, tough conversations with (virtual) team members, negotiations or giving advice in a convincing way: you need the other person to achieve your goals! And that person will have their own agenda and interests, and their own style of communication and thinking. So there is a lot of work to do; both above and under the water surface. And there is nothing ‘soft’ about that.

We help employees and teams develop these essential skills with customised training sessions:

  • Tailored to day to day practice and immediately applicable
  • Aligned with organisational development and the desired client experience
  • We believe in learning by DOING; not TALKING about communication, but just getting stuck in
  • Applied psychology for under the water, concrete tips for above the water
  • Including tools for gaining an insight into one’s own personal style (Facet5 personal profile and SuperSkills)

Our solutions:

  • Effectively influencing stakeholders
  • Consultative selling; creating value by really listening
  • Focusing on clients or giving into clients?
  • Consulting skills; from being right to convincing others
  • Effective cooperation
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Coaching of virtual team members

If you would like to know more or have a conversation about your specific request or applicability within our organisation, please call, or send an email to:

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