Diversity and Inclusion

“You will see it when you get it”

More diversity and inclusion make your organisation more successful, fun and profitable. But you won’t get there by only attracting diverse talent. How will you keep this talent engaged and how will you make sure they get promoted to leadership positions?

The right employer branding and an inclusive culture not only results in a larger talent pool, but also in a more diverse view of the world. A world in which ‘feminine qualities’ are increasingly viewed at as the competencies of the future.

Diversity adds value!

Because it can lead to more innovative power, better financial results, and more work satisfaction, or just simply because it is the only right thing to do. We help organisations with questions such as:

  • How do you create more diversity in your organisation?
  • How will you ensure diverse talent gets promoted into leadership roles?
  • How do you create an inclusive culture and retain diverse talent?

Our solutions:

  • Strategy workshops on diversity and inclusion.
  • Diversity awareness workshops for managers (m/f); Discover the differences between men and women, masculinity and femininity. Don’t look through your glasses, but at your glasses and learn what our subconscious biases are where diversity is concerned. But more importantly: what can I do to create more diversity in the workplace and engage all talent available?
  • Leadership programmes for female talent; the best possible booster in personal leadership for women working in a man’s world. Recognise your unique talents and ambitions – and tackle all feminine challenges in a masculine context.
  • Empowerment workshops and events:
    o Personal branding; make yourself known!
    o Strategic negotiation; get what you need
    o Networking ‘my way’; making connections and helping each other
  • Inclusive leadership for managers: can I do things differently? How do I coach on diversity? Learn why ‘To me everyone is equal’ doesn’t work and how you get the right talent in the right place.
  • Coaching skills for mentors of female talent.

Participant quotes:

“Super valuable insights in the differences between men and women. Brought respectfully and with a sense of humour, for both men and women”

“The combination of nature and nurture is very strong”

“A fantastic course! I wished I had had these insights earlier. That would have really boosted my career”

“Simple tips have made a big difference for me. Clarity about my own ambitions really got the ball rolling!”

“Petra is a super trainer in the area of diversity and female leadership; she combines scientific insights with practical advice and delivers it with a good sense of humour”

If you would like to know more or have a conversation about your specific request or the applicability within your organisation, please call, or send an email to:

Petra van Tol: +31654327177 / petra@humancollective.nl

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