Facet5 is one of the most modern and client-focused online personality questionnaires available, and it comes in over 35 languages. Facet5 combines user friendliness with a strong scientific backbone and is based on the latest insights with regard to Big Five personality theory. Humancollective is the Dutch partner within the worldwide Facet5 organisation.**

The Facet5 personality questionnaire provides answers to questions such as:

  • How do I gain an insight into a person’s preferred behavioural style, motivation and drives? And how do qualities and pitfalls relate to relevant core competencies?
  • How can I coach and lead a person in such a way that he or she gets the best out of him- or herself?
  • How do I reinforce the effectiveness of teams and teamwork?
  • I am looking for a personality questionnaire that can be used in my international organisation, standardised and available in multiple languages
  • How can I make our selection and development activities – and also our HR professionals – more effective and professional?

Facet5 offers an easy-to-read report, focused on behaviour in work situations, which can be used in an international context. Currently, reports in over 35 languages are available. Facet5 has multiple report formats that can be used dependent on the specific setting. There is an extensive personal report, as well as a team report, an interview guide for recruiters, a development report and a 360-degree leadership review. Recently, Facet5 developed an innovative test for measuring cognitive capabilities: ToRQ. More information on Facet5 can found at www.facet5global.com. You can also check this brochure about the background, development and application areas of Facet5.

Our solutions:

  • Facet5 accreditation and implementation
  • Strategic Leadership Review: 360-degree review regarding relevant leadership competencies
  • A team session based on Facet5, or learn how to develop and facilitate a team session yourself

If you would like to know more or have a conversation about your specific request or applicability within our organisation, please call, or send an email to:

Michiel Castelijns: +31622941816 / michiel@humancollective.nl

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