Facet5 accreditation training


To use Facet5, you need to have participated successfully in a 2-day Accreditation program led by a Facet5 trainer. The training covers the background and development of Facet5, the comparison with other instruments available on the market, what the factors are and their importance in describing and understanding differences in behavior. There is much emphasis on interpreting and feeding back profiles, with a lot of opportunities for practice and feedback during the training. The training is usually considered to be fun and very interactive, and afterwards participants are able to interpret and feedback profiles to candidates, and will have a greater knowledge of personality assessment in general and its application in work situations and for achieving the goals of the organization.

Who should participate and what are the benefits?
The training is open to everyone who works in Human Resources, Organisational Development, Coaching, Psychology, Leadership Development or related areas. No specific knowledge or experience is required, although a healthy form of curiosity will be helpful. Upon signing up some pre-reading is required, but this isn’t complex or very extensive. Participants are able to understand and feedback Facet5 profiles, and involve clients (candidates and employers) effectively in that process. They are able to execute their own Facet5 projects and to download their reports from the system. Participants have access to research and tools that support them when using Facet5 after accreditation.

When and Where?
Are you interested to get your Facet5 Accreditation in 2020? Accreditation programs are organised world-wide (please view www.facet5.com) and can also be organised ‘in company’.

In the Netherlands, we will organise in 2020 four open Accreditation programs (location: Amsterdam) on:
6 & 7 February
7 & 8 May
20 & 21 August
12 & 13 November
For more information or to sign up: send an email to info@humancollective.nl.