Facet5GPS - Coach in your pocket!


Facet5 has a new (free) feature for Facet5 users: facet5gps.com. Every person that completed Facet5 and received a full, Foundation or Spotlight report, can receive a link to his or her Facet5gps web page, to be accessed on both smartphone, laptop and desktop. Within the Facet5gps webapp reports can be seen, as well as scores on the Facet5 factors and the person's family portrait. Within Facet5gps you can see strengths, pitfalls, development areas and frustrations from the perspective of your own Facet5 profile in comparison with that of others (with whom you shared profiles via the webapp): what do you notice when working togehter, and what are the challenges and what can you learn from eachother?


You can also compare your profile to our 'country profiles': the average Facet5 profile of a country. If you are going to work in China, as a born and raised Englishman, it is helpful to see how your Facet5 profile (compared to a Chinese norm group) matches with the average Chinese profile. On which aspects are you similar? And on which different? And what will be the challenges and pitfalls?

For Facet5 clients and users:
Send your candidates, after you have debriefed their Facet5 profile, via the Facet5 workbench an invite for Facet5gps (‘send GPS invite’). The candidate receives an activation link in his or her email.

Do you want your Facet5gps on the home screen of your iPhone or Android device?
Always your ‘coach in your pocket'?
iPhone: Open Safari, open facet5gps.com. Tap the square icon with the arrow at the bottom of the screen (in the middle), and tap ‘add to home screen'.
Android: Open Chrome, open facet5gps.com. Tap the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, and then tap 'add to home screen'.