Humancollective & Good Hotel


Good Hotel is a profit for non-profit organisation, founded by social entrepreneur Marten Dresen. Good Hotel stands for ´premium hospitality with a cause´ and offers her guests a unique hotel experience in combination with doing good.

Every Good Hotel works together with a local non-profit organization in order to create a positive, sustainable impact in the local community. All profits are reinvested in growth, people and education. For example, they have developed their own Good Training program where people with a distance to the labor market are trained in the hospitality industry. They receive help to integrate into the labor market and perspective on a better future.

Getting the best out of people is what drives Good Hotel and the business model is fully based on this. The staff is selected on the basis of motivation, not on CV or diploma as in most organizations. With the help of the Facet5 personality questionnaire it is looked at where people within the organization come to the fore. Then they spend 3 months in the hotel at the various departments and are trained to become a cook, receptionist or bartender.

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