Humancollective & NewBees


NewBees, founded by Annemiek Dresen, is a social enterprise believing in an inclusive society where every talent counts. NewBees wants all newcomers with a refugee background to have the opportunity to use their talent.

They unlock the Dutch labor market for them by making matches that matter. The objective is to offer asylum seekers the opportunity to participate in the 'NewBees Traineeship' from the moment they arrive in the Netherlands.

Within the 'NewBees Traineeship', the participants work on their employability by gaining experience in internships and taking part in workshops on soft skills in the labor market. Through an innovative online platform on which everyone has a personal profile, it becomes possible to make the right matches for the talented participants. In this way they also build up a Dutch 'CV' in addition to a local network.

NewBees does not only want to get the best out of its participants, but also from its own team. That team consists of a combination of newcomers and Dutch people. In this way NewBees also shows how an inclusive team can be successful. Facet5 is used in the selection of new team members, but also in optimizing teamwork and the optimal use of international talent. Because NewBees wants to ensure that every talent counts for both its participants and its own people.

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