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Niños de Guatemala (NDG) was founded in 2006 by brother and sister Marten (1982) Annemiek (1984) Dresen and their best friend Sander Wirken (1985). With the objective to offer education to children from poor families, in order to break through the cycle of poverty.

Partly due to the civil war (1960-1996) more than half of the Guatemalan people are living in poverty. Children, especially in rural areas, often have to work to meet the daily needs of the family. As a result, just like their parents and their grandparents before them, they do not go to school. While a primary school diploma already provides an opportunity to an income that is 3 times higher than without a diploma. Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
Since it was founded, NDG has built two elementary schools and a secondary school. Thanks to these schools, 500 Guatemalan children now have access to education and thus a view of a better life.

NDG is committed to train a new generation of leaders for Guatemala on the basis of three pillars:

  • Education: Education that goes beyond the traditional classroom but focuses on three levels: students, their families and the larger community;
  • Empowerment: The projects are led and executed by Guatemalan employees, which contributes to creating employment and promoting a sense of local ownership;
  • Entrepreneurship: NDG is sustainable, both at organizational and community level, by initiating and supporting social business activities and stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit.

Humancollective supports NDG both financially, and with Facet5 and local support in both Guatemala and the Netherlands. It is great to see how NDG really makes a difference for children whom otherwise wouldn't have had any education!

Stories from the Heart of Niños de Guatemala

Read the magazine to learn more about the personal stories of NDG students, their teachers and others that are involved with the foundation on a daily basis.

Watch this short 3 minute video on how NDG makes a difference in the lifes of their students.

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