Leadership development

Leadership is about creating movement. Movement of yourself as a leader, movement of your employees and team and therefore of the whole organisation. ‘You can run a company, but you can only lead people.’ Getting people to change requires clarity, sincerity and support. The courage to have a good look at your own perspective. And a whole lot of practical skills.

Questions we would like to help you with:

  • How do I support (first-time) leaders in their role?
  • How do I break through fixed patterns in our management team?
  • How do I lead millennials and get the best out of diversity?
  • How do I encourage initiative, self-management and a learning organisation?
  • How do I make sure all the leaders within my organisation are on the same page?

We help leaders in organisations to get the best out of themselves and others and thus create the change that is needed. We always do what is necessary to reach your goals and we stick with it until it works.

For us, leadership development always involves:

  • Personal and authentic. Who am I? What do I want? Breaking out of fixed patterns that hold back ambitions.
  • Supporting and driving organisational development
  • Being practical through the development of skills such as coaching, stakeholder management, storytelling, team development, feedback/forward, learning agility.
  • Less talk, more action; we believe in learning by doing.

Our solutions:

In-company leadership programmes
Modular programmes with plenty of learning in the workplace
Coaching of management teams
On- and offline development assessment
Strategic Leadership Reviews (Facet5 combined with 360 feedback)
SpotLight Development reports

If you would like to know more or have a conversation about your specific request or the applicability within your organisation, please call, or send an email to:

Petra van Tol: +31654327177 / petra@humancollective.nl

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