Modern leadership and the art of having good conversations


Facet5 introduces a new report: Facet5 SuperSkills.

Conversations are based upon a specific set of skills and mindsets, each of which can be developed. We help people to engage in more effective conversations in the workplace. Facet5 SuperSkills is our innovative approach to how organisations ‘talk’. Organisations don’t change, people do. One by one. That is why we look at how people communicate through the lens of their personality. We don’t tell you what is wrong. We focus on bringing change to your organization. We work with participants to develop their skills by increasing their self-awareness, feedback, training and practice. We search for three areas: strengths in each SuperSkills, areas that can be further developed, and areas you need to ‘manage’.

Facet5 SuperSkills offers an insightful and action-oriented report, underpinned by Facet5 data. The report forms the basis for building a balanced set of SuperSkills for individuals in every level of the organization. The report is used in conjunction with a one-day workshop, facilitated by Humancollective. We can also work with you and train you to deliver the workshop ‘in-house’.

The Five SuperSkills of Great Conversations are:
Presence: Maintaining undivided attention, really “being there” for the other person – by remaining focused on the conversation and able to ignore distractions.
Hyper-awareness: Self-awareness of your biases, beliefs and emotional triggers, meaning you know what is going on for you during a conversation and how to control your emotions.
De-coding: Drawing out what the other person is really saying by getting to the meaning behind the words so that the other person really feels understood by you.
Voicing: Expressing your views with courage and conviction in a way that is constructive and helpful for the conversation – even when you have to give tough messages.
Flow control: Managing conversations – the beginning, middle and end – so that it flows well and results in clear outcomes that everyone agrees with.

Please take a look at a sample SuperSkills report. Download it here. There is also an interesting blog written by Tanja on modern leadership and the art of having great conversations!