Our Team

Michiel Castelijns


Knows everything you need to know about Facet5 and likes to tell you about it. Background in psychology and business administration and over twenty years of international experience as consultant. Gets carried away easily and has ideas about everything. Everything that’s new makes him happy, likes to come up with new concepts. Loves to work with teams and start-ups and teaches in his spare time. In the weekend he likes to tinker with his old Citroën.

‘what is it in its nature’ (Hannibal Lector, Silence of the Lambs)

Petra van Tol


“Do you know what we could also do…?” is something you often hear her think out loud. Petra always sees possibilities, and challenges others to try out something new. Loves projects in which the development of people and behaviour are key. Career spanning more than twenty years, with a background in organisational sociology and business economics. Trendsetter in gender diversity. Likes to keep the pace but also slows down for a deep dive. Likes playing outdoors.

“You mustn’t believe everything you’re thinking”

Tanja Vlug


Is always curious about people and ‘how things work in organisations’. You can wake her up in the middle of the night for everything that is complex and involves people and teams. Background in psychology and business administration and over twenty years of experience as a consultant. In start- ups and corporate settings and everything ‘in between’. Loves a good glass of wine and is well-educated in on the subject.

“Change perspectives every now and then and just see how everything looks different”

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