How to get to Humancollective

By car - from the direction Utrecht/Almere (via the A10 zuid)

Follow the A10west in the direction Zaandam and take the exit S107 Sloten. At the end of the exit you turn left to the Henk Sneevlietweg. At the end of this road you turn left to the J. Huizingalaan. After about 300 m you turn right into the parking space of B. Amsterdam (B3). B3 is the orange-red building with a big B. on the front.

By car - from the direction Zaandam

Take the exit S107 Sloten on the A10west. At the end of the exit you turn right to the Henk Sneevlietweg. (for further directions we refer to the above).

By car - from the direction Haarlem/Schiphol

Follow the A4 in the direction of Amsterdam and take exit 1 Sloten. At the end of the exit you turn right to the Oude Haagseweg and follow the road to the left. After 500 m you pass a fly-over. After that you take the first turn to the left to the parkingspace of B. Amsterdam (B3), on the left handside.


You can park your car in front of the building. Press 1 and ‘bell’ at the intercom and tell the receptionist that you are a guest of Humancollective.

Public transport

The nearest train stations are station Amsterdam Lelylaan and station Amsterdam Zuid. From here you can take metro 50 (direction Gein from Lelylaan; direction Isolatorweg from Zuid). You get off at the second stop, the Sneevlietweg. From there it is a 10 minutes walk to the Humancollective office in B. Amsterdam (B3) or you can take the (free) Rieker circleline. In addition there are various bus and tram lines that have a stop near the B3 office. For more information we refer you to

B3 (B. Amsterdam)
Johan Huizingalaan 400
1066 JS Amsterdam

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