Innovative testing with Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire


ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) is a measure of an individual’s practical work-based problem solving skills. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment. It is the combination of capability and character that provides the most accurate measure of an individual’s potential.

Measuring intellectual capabilities
Organisations are looking for more accurate measures of not only the capability of an individual but to truly understand their potential. To work effectively an assessment must:
• allow respondents to access the system from anywhere
• provide a fair and objective set of hurdles for each candidate
• avoid leakage of test content
• allow for different skill levels of candidates
• be relevant to the problems people face at work on a day-to-day basis

ToRQ model
ToRQ provides these capabilities and more to produce an assessment that is:
Relevant ToRQ items are worksamples created to match the modern working environment
Secure ToRQ items are created ‘on-the-fly’ using precise design rules. No two items are ever identical, so answers cannot be copied and ‘leaked’
Realistic ToRQ uses Computer Adaptive Test processes to ensure people are faced with questions that are realistic for them
Fair ToRQ incorporates Response Latency Analysis to differentiate between people who differ in the speed with which they get to an answer
Comprehensive ToRQ can be used at any level from school leaver (entry level) to graduate or managerial

What is the ToRQ assessment?
• Consists of 12 questions
• Each question has 4 levels of difficulty
• Difficulty level is automatically managed through the assessment
• Question sets are dynamically created so no two questions are ever the same
• Questions can be selected in any order
• Assessment has no time limit

What measures ToRQ?
ToRQ is a measure of an individuals practical work-based problem solving skills. It provides:
Overall score A composite t-score based on the candidate’s speed, accuracy and progression through difficulty levels
Speed How quickly the candidate answered the questions relative to other candidates, regardless of accuracy or difficulty level. This can give an indication of patience or quick thinking
Accuracy How many questions the candidate answered correctly, regardless of speed or question difficulty
ToRQ combines these measures to provide a valid and reliable view of an individual’s cognitive potential.

Key features and benefits
• Ideally suited to the assessment of graduate, talent or entry level populations
• Individual and group comparison reports
• Easy to understand using clear visual layout
• Web based for data collection all over the world
• Results are available in real time,for download and use, quickly and effectively
• Available in multiple languages
• Online resources and facilitator materials build capability quickly and ensure powerful results.

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