Team development and team agility

Forget strategy or finance: it is actually successful teams that make the difference in organisations. Successful teams are a source of innovation. They are far more effective in coming up with solutions for complex problems than individuals are. They are able to learn collectively from their actions and adjust and improve their approach. They can quickly anticipate the changing demands of their organisation and have complementary competencies and personalities. We call this ‘team agility’, which is actually something that can be developed.

But things can be pretty unmanageable in practice. Teams are often limited by time pressure, changes in team composition, misunderstandings and conflicts. We help teams to increase their effectiveness and learn and to grow. In other words: to become more agile.

Our work method is characterised by the following features:

  • Practical and strategic
  • In line with organisational development
  • Measurable results
  • Respect for all team members and everybody’s perspective
  • We look inside out and outside in
  • We don’t let go until we have succeeded

Our solutions:

  • Team Agility Scan
  • Team assessment, for example of management teams or start-ups
  • Team- and commercial coaching
  • Kick-off team sessions
  • Teambuilding with a modular approach:
  • Know yourself and your team members; behavioural styles with the help of Facet5
  • TeamScape; preferential styles and pitfalls as a team
  • Optimising cooperation; how to keep each other focused
  • When the going gets tough; breaking through dysfunctional patterns within the team such as ‘The circle of distrust’, ‘Iconoclasm’ and ‘Assumptions aren’t agreements’
  • Learning from and with each other, giving feedback, creating a learning culture
  • (Outdoor) challenges regarding effective cooperation and communication
  • Facet5 personality questionnaire and TeamScape

If you would like to know more or have a conversation about your specific request or the applicability within your organisation, please call, or send an email to:

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