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4. Teams

Questions about you and your team. If your question is not listed here, please contact us!

4.01. What does a Facet5 based team session consist of?
Facet5 has developed team sessions of half a day up to two days. The exact content and duration of the session may vary and depends on the specific purpose of the session. We like to think along with Facet5 users about designing a team session. Of course free of charge.

4.02. What value does a Facet5 team session bring?
A team session often provides a better understanding of each other's perspective and also reveals clear qualities and pitfalls. A team session provides a concrete step-by-step plan to improve the collaboration and the effectiveness of the team.

4.03. What steps does a TeamScape project include?
Prior to the session an intake with the client or team leader takes place to determine the objectives and then individual Facet5 feedback/debrief interviews take place so that each team member has a good understanding of his or her Facet5 profile. After the team session, a follow-up can be planned to further secure the outcomes and action plans in practice.