In selection and development, we use various psychological instruments. In our online as well as face-to-face assessments. In addition, we train (HR departments of) companies, consultancies and (career) coaches - who would like to do this in-house - in the use of these instruments and the interpretation of results.

Facet5 is the most modern and customer-friendly online personality questionnaire available and can be taken in more than 35 languages. Facet has a solid scientific foundation and is based on the most recent insights concerning the Big 5. The result is a detailed and easy-to-read report that can be used internationally. Apart from insight into personality traits, Facet5 also provides insight into motivation and drives, a strengths and weakness analysis in relation to core competencies and recommendations for management regarding the most effective way to manage individuals based on their profile. Facet5 can also be used to analyse team effectiveness. Visit

TeamScape TeamScape is based on Facet5 and provides team members with insight into the similarities and differences in work approaches, collaboration methods and conflict resolution within the team. TeamScape forms the basis for a team session, resulting in greater awareness and a concrete action plan to successfully deal with team challenges. Visit

The Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire (ToRQ) measures practical workrelated problem solving skills. ToRQ combines the most modern test methods with the power of personality in a 'next generation' cognitive test. The combination of intellectual capabilities and personality generates the most accurate measure of potential. Visit or read our detailed explanation.

Focus on Values Focus on Values is an online value scan that compares the values of employees with those of the organisation. The model contains 40 values in four categories: rational culture, hierarchical culture, group culture and development culture. Focus on Values renders implicit values easy to measure and open for discussion. This results in valuable insights for employee selection, (management) team development, coaching and cultural change.

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