Facet5 has developed a new and innovative intelligence test: ToRQ.

ToRQ measures ‘general intelligence’ and tests verbal and numerical analysis and reasoning, thinking logically and memory. Furthermore, the test not only measures whether someone knows the right answer, but it also measures the time needed to come up with the answer.

The advantages for candidates are clear: the questions are derived from everyday practical situations and so recognizable for most people. The test is challenging, since the questions get more complex as the candidate provides more correct answers. The advantage for employers is that the test measures those qualities that are needed in the work context; practical, work-related problem-solving skills.

ToRQ combines cutting edge testing methods with the power of personality in a ‘next generation’ intelligence test. It is the combination of capability and character that provides the most accurate measure of an individual’s potential.
ToRQ can be deployed on every level, from graduate to manager level.

What is the ToRQ assessment?

  • 12 questions
  • Every question has 4 levels of difficulty
  • Difficulty level is automatically adapted to the level of the participant through the assessment
  • Question sets are dynamically created (during the test) so no two questions are ever the same
  • Questions can be selected – by the candidate – in any order
  • The assessment has no time limit

What does ToRQ measure?

ToRQ is a measure of one’s practical, work-related problem-solving skills. It generates a score, based on speed, accuracy and progression through the levels of difficulty.

Key features and benefits

  • Ideally suited to the assessment of graduate, high potential talent or entry level populations
  • Candidates enjoy the test much more and find it more relevant than the standard intellectual capability tests
  • Individual and group (comparison) reports
  • Easy to read and understand using clear visual layout
  • Web based for data collection all over the world
  • Results are ‘real time’ available, for download and use, quickly and effectively
  • Available in multiple languages

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