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2. Facet5

Questions with regard to Facet5. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us!

2.01. What is the theoretical foundation of Facet5?
Facet5 is based on the Big Five model, worldwide recognised as the standard for assessing personality in work environments.

2.02. To what extent are the results on the Facet5 influenced by the current state of mind?
The results of Facet5 are very reliable; that is, they are not dependent on the vote on the day that the questionnaire is completed. Extreme states of mind can affect the test results.

2.03. In which languages is Facet5 available?
Facet5 is available in over 30 languages, this goes for both the questionnaire itself as the Facet5 report.

2.04. Is it possible to purchase the Facet5 in one language and to run the report in another language?
Yes. The collection language and the reporting language are independent of each other.

2.05. How do I determine the right norm group?
We advise to take the context in which someone is going to work as a starting point, which is usually the Dutch norm group.

2.06. Which norm groups are there?
There are dozens of norm groups available; for every country where Facet5 is used, but also for specific function groups, for example.

2.07. Which report formats does Facet5 have and when do I use what?
The following report formats are currently available: The Facet5 profile (the most comprehensive report), the Foundation report (a slightly shorter version in which the average scores are extensively described), Spotlight (a report specifically developed for personal development and coaching), TeamScape (in which individual profiles are combined), Audition (comparing a personal profile with a job profile, which is useful in selection).

2.08. What is the Facet5GPS Webapp?
This is a web application that makes it possible to share profiles with each other and to see how individuals work together. With Facet5GPS it is also possible to compare a personal profile with a country profile.

2.09. How does Facet5 relate to other personality questionnaires?
Facet5 is based on the most modern insights about personality in work situations (Big Five), Facet5 is also very easy to use and has extensive reporting options.

2.10. What do I need to use Facet5?
Users must participate in a two-day accreditation workshop to learn how to work with the questionnaire and the online system.

2.11. Can I create multiple reports at the same time?
Facet5 offers useful options for generating large numbers of reports at the same time.

2.12. Do I always have to personally debrief a Facet5 report?
Yes. A personal feedback or debrief interview is advisable and provides new information for both parties.

2.13. Do I always have to add the 'Statistics' page to the report?
No, this is not necessary, but it is advisable to study the page online as a Facet5 user.

2.14. Do I always have to send the Facet5 report to the candidate first before the feedback interview takes place?
This is possible, but it is better to hand over the report to the participant during the feedback.

2.15. What is the objective of a Facet5 feedback (debrief) conversation?
The interview serves to explain the report, but also to ask for some aspects and to collect additional information.

2.16. What do I do if someone does not recognize the 'family portrait'?
In the first instance, questions can be asked about what the participant does not recognize. If a personal profile deviates from the family portrait, a second family may be chosen. This can be done under the 'close relatives' option in the online system.