This is an overview of the most frequently asked questions about assessment and assessment centers in general. If you have a question other than the ones below, please contact us!

1.01. When to do an (online or face-to-face) assessment?
An assessment is helpful when you want to select candidates for a specific role on the basis of more objective information and/or when you want to make an assessment of qualities, development areas and potential of new or current employees.

1.02. Can you organise an assessment fully online?
Yes, we can. Tests and questionnaires can be administered online, and - when necessary - also a role play or interview. The latter is not ideal, because behavior in an 'online' setting is often less natural than face-to-face.

1.03. Can we organise the assessment locally?
Yes of course! If desired, we organize the assessment on location. Humancollective works worldwide.

1.04. What does an individual assessment consist of and how long does it take?
An individual assessment normally consists of one or more personality questionnaires, a cognitive test, one or more role plays and an interview. This is a one day assessent program.

1.05. How long does it take before we get the results?
If necessary, we can report the results verbally at the end of the day. The assessment report will follow within a maximum of 3 working days.

1.06. How does the candidate get feedback?
We believe it is important to give direct feedback to the candidate during the assessment. We discuss the results of the questionnaires and tests with him or her, discuss the feedback on the role plays and give a summary of our observations at the end of the day and an indication of the advice that we will be issuing. In addition, the candidate first receives the assessment report, after which he or she gives permission to forward it to the client. Unless the candidate has given permission beforehand.

1.07. Can we do an online assessment in-house?
Yes, that's possible. We can accredit users for Facet5 and ToRQ (one of the latest, most modern cognitive tests), so that this can be done entirely in-house.

1.08. Can you administer an individual assessment in English?
Yes, no problem!

1.09. In which languages can you offer online assessments?
Facet5 is available in 32 languages and cognitive tests can be administered in all - more common - languages.

1.10. Can we deploy our own employees as co-assessor?
Yes sure! If you are considering this, we would like to discuss the background, objectives and train and brief the co-assessors on their role.

1.11. What steps does an individual or group assessment project include?
An assessment consists of an intake interview with the client (and sometimes also with the participant) one or more assessment days, an individual or group report and follow-up interview.